Monday, November 03, 2008

Voting Nightmare

It is a good thing we are finally having the election tomorrow. Currently, my day consists of listening to (while doing my data entry work):

Last night's "Daily Show"
Last night's "Colbert Report"
Today's "Democracy Now"

Then I do a vigorous cycle of nytimes, npr, cnn, huffingon post, michael moore's site. Rinse. Repeat. Throw in my frequent email updates from Obama, Franken, Keith Ellison, Planned Parenthood and OutFront and my brain is pretty well saturated.

So it is really no surprise that I had a dream about voting over the weekend.

In the dream, I was living Australia. I must've forgotten to vote absentee because I flew all the way back to the U.S. to vote. After waiting in line, I voted on touch screen video machines. In between each candidate, I had to watch commercials on the screen. Not election ads, but movie trailers and the like. After only voting for maybe 4 or 5 positions, a friendly message informed me I was finished voting. Well, I knew there were supposed to be more people on the ballot than I'd had a chance to vote for, so I pitched a royal fit. I demanded a paper ballot and was screaming at everyone to do the same. While the election officials scurried off to find me a paper ballot, John McCain hobbled over to me and asked if there was anything he could do to help. I showed him the cheat sheet I had prepared to prove that there were more issues people to vote on than the video machine had allowed. I think he made a comment about the fact that the cheat sheet was on legal sized paper instead of letter and then my alarm went off.


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Everyone knows a voting crib sheet should go on a 3x5 note card!