Friday, July 18, 2008

URGENT! I just wrote to Dubya and you should too!

I received an urgent email from Planned Parenthood informing me of something George W. Bush plans to do during his remaining months in office. Here is the text of the email [the info in the brackets below is mine]:

"We've known for some time that anti-choice extremists have wanted President Bush to deliver them some sort of "gift" before he leaves office. This rule change is just that gift. And here's what one of the most egregious results could be:

Right now, anti-choice groups run so-called "crisis pregnancy centers" in communities all around the country — often a block or two away from Planned Parenthood affiliate health centers [and other legitimate abortion providers]. These facilities look like health centers, but in reality are run by anti-choice zealots who deliver only the reproductive health care options that fit their agenda. No birth control, no abortion — and no choice for women and families who need it. If this rule takes effect, they're likely to receive a massive influx of our tax dollars to expand their deceptive operations and to attract hundreds of thousands of women who think they'll be getting medical care but instead will receive a large dose of anti-choice ideology.

I believe that tricking women when they are most vulnerable is wrong — and the federal government shouldn't pay people to do it. It gets worse. The rule would also require entities that receive family planning funding, like Planned Parenthood, to certify that we will not refuse to hire nurses and other providers who object to abortion and even certain types of birth control. Between deceptive "crisis pregnancy centers" delivering woefully incomplete care and legitimate health centers with extremely limited funding, hundreds of thousands of women are at enormous risk."

This is outrageous and cannot happen! I have personal experience working in two legitimate abortion clinics and visiting two of these deceptive "crisis pregnancy centers." The difference in the training, information provided and candor in which their respective staff treats women couldn't be more different. They should not have access to the same funding. My letter to our President is below. The first paragraph is part of a standard form letter provided by Planned Parenthood. The last two paragraphs are my own.

"I am opposed to President Bush's proposed rule to allow federal funding that is specifically designed to prevent unintended pregnancy and promote reproductive health to now be used for anything but that.

I accompanied a friend to a so-called Crisis Pregnancy Center near Detroit in 2000 and found the information provided by their volunteers biased, racist and lacking in medical expertise. My friend was asked if the father was white when the volunteers were pushing adoption. When my friend expressed concerns over being diabetic while pregnant, the untrained volunteers told her she'd had no complications despite having taken no medical history, performed zero tests and not even so much as performed a medical exam. When the possibility of abortion was brought up, we were guilt-tripped and chastised.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers are dangerous. Federal Funds currently available to medical professionals offering sound information to women at their most vulnerable should not become available to untrained biased volunteers posing as members of the medical community."

To learn more about this dangerous legislation and send your own email to George W. Bush, click here.

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