Sunday, June 08, 2008

There was a lot going on at the corner of Lagoon and Hennepin

Sitting a red light today, Pfunk started giggling to herself.

Me: What's making you laugh, the big guy in the Superman shirt?

Pfunk: Nope.

Me: The old lady wearing the babushka?

Pfunk: Nope.

Me: The guy on the clown bike*?

Pfunk: Nope.

Me: The man in the Sherlock Holmes hat?

Pfunk: yep!
*A few blocks back I'd noticed a man riding a bike whose seat was way too low for him, causing me to comment that it looked like he was riding a clown bike. He caught up to us at the red light.

1 comment:

CoryQ said...

I hope hats are making a comeback! Hats rule!

It makes me sad how many people ride their bike with flat tires and seats that are knee-destroyingly low.