Thursday, June 19, 2008

Maybe I need my mommy to lay out my clothes the night before, elementary school style...

When Pfunk's alarm first goes off for the day, I've already been at work for a half an hour (up for an hour and half). This not only means I possess utter resentment and jealousy that my partner gets to "sleep in" everyday, it means I get dressed in the dark. Or at least half of my body gets dressed in the dark. I keep my hanging clothes (pants, blouses, sweaters, etc) in the hall coat closet where there is some light, but my dresser (underwear, socks and T-shirts) is in the dark bedroom where Pfunk is still sleeping.

I was at work for an hour this morning before I realized that I was not wearing my tailored white tee (work appropriate - I work in a casual office), but a thin men's Fruit of the Loom undershirt (not so work appropriate). Pfunk wears white shirts under her clothes almost daily and somehow one ended up in my dresser. So now I'm sitting at my desk wearing a sweatshirt over the undershirt even though it is 80 degrees outside.

Earlier this week, I realized in the work parking lot that I hadn't paired black socks with my new black shoes as intended, but instead was wearing navy blue socks with black flats. So I went sockless (and got blisters from my new shoes).

These events would indicate that I'm lacking the desired level of alertness in the morning.


Bird said...

You can always turn on your night stand light and I would never ever notice!

Latly I have been sleeping much more deeply!

Schmiddy said...

Or, P-Funk could buy an eye mask. I love love love them!

CoryQ said...

Or a third optiont that doesn't risk distrubing bird or border on fetishist: Just lay out all your clothes the night before, including things that you get from the dresser.

Or not. There is a certain adventure in not knowing what you are actually wearing for the day.