Thursday, June 05, 2008

Here's what I wrote... a friend in Michigan today after sending her photos from the Obama Rally in St. Paul on Tuesday. Yes, I went and I got in! That is one among several blog entries I need to write.

"I really battled about whether to caucus for Obama or Clinton. I ended up caucusing for Obama, albeit hesitantly at first. A lot of my lesbian/feminist friends are/were for Hillary. I couldn't help but feel like I was somehow betraying the sisterhood by not backing the first woman with a legitimate shot at the Presidential nomination. :-) I'd love to see a woman as President, but ultimately decided gender couldn't be the sole deciding factor in who (whom?) I gave my support to. Once I took gender out of the equation, I settled on Obama as the better candidate for me.

Some of Clinton's actions in the campaign before and since the Minnesota Caucus have only reinforced my decision to go with Obama. She misled voters in Iowa and New Hampshire on Obama's record on pro-choice issues, an issue she and Obama agree on. She stirred up smoke where there was no fire to get votes. There are plenty of policies, like healthcare, that they have differing opinions on that she could've campaigned on. But she used scare tactics instead. Basically, when Obama was an Illinois Sate Senator, he voted "present" (rather than yes or no) on 7 votes regarding choice. Hillary tried to use that voting record to imply that Obama is weak on choice. What she neglected to say was that Obama voted "present" at the urging of Illinois Planned Parenthood as a strategy. Here's an article on that if you are interested.

The former head of Chicago's N.O.W. chapter actually switched support from Clinton to Obama after being forwarded a Clinton campaign mailing that went out to pro-choice NH voters. Here's her Youtube video on the matter.

And then Clinton made a remark about Farrakhan being connected to Obama's church. Again, scare tactics. And then the remark about Robert Kennedy's assassination as a reason for staying in the race. That is when she really lost me!

Of course, neither of them support gay marriage. I understand to a degree that they are playing the political game with the "marriage not ok, civil unions ok" platform, but it is still disappointing.

I'm just grateful I had the choice! You Michiganders must be so frustrated to not have had both candidates on the ballot for your primary (another questionable move by Hillary).

Even if I had been a Clinton supporter, I think I still would have gone to the Obama Rally on Tuesday. I felt part of history in the making being there. It was energizing to be with 17,000 people cheering him on (and another 15,000 watching outside that couldn't make it in the arena).

One last rant. It is one thing for Clinton not to have conceded the race on Tuesday. It is another thing to still be holding onto the quest to get the presidential nomination while simultaneously vying for V.P. I think she's put Obama in an awkward position: If he chooses Clinton as his V.P., he could be accused of cow-towing to pressure. Plus he'll have to explain how after months of saying he'd do a better job as President, he now thinks she is worthy of being V.P. But if he doesn't choose her, he could be accused of not trying to unite the party (when she's the one seemingly not uniting the party by not conceding). Sigh."

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