Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Quotes of the Day

"A monkey threw up on my head."

"I'm glad we live inland because Seattle's fucked."

First, the monkey. I remember parts of two dreams from this morning. In the first, I was home in Ann Arbor (I think for the holidays) when I ended up at a get-together at someone's home. A guy I haven't seen since high school was there. I took him to a Sadie Hawkins dance my junior year. A creepy counselor from my high school church youth group was also there. Someone asked if I had a boyfriend. My mom appeared out of nowhere and volunteered that I didn't have a boyfriend, "at the moment," effectively putting me in the closet. Not something she would normally do in real life, but it was a dream. Who knows what that was all about. The details of the second dream are a lot fuzzier (no pun intended). All I know is that there were a bunch of monkeys. I was laying on my back when a monkey climbed on me and vomited on my face and neck. It was warm and wet. The first thing I told Pfunk this morning is that I dreamt a monkey threw up on my head. She was like, "Okay," rolled over, and went back to sleep.

The second quote comes from Pfunk. For random reasons not worth going into here, she had a day off of work today. Which was probably a good thing in that she is still not feeling well. Plus we are dog-sitting her parents' dachshunds, so she could chill at home with the pups. The only drawback is she watched way too much TV and was all hyped up about the Tsunami that will drown the West Coast when there's a major earthquake in the Pacific Ocean. I told her she is no longer allowed to watch the Discovery Channel unsupervised.

Update! Awesome image courtesy of CoryQ.

Make your own "motivational" poster here.


CoryQ said...

Hey, I have a picture where you have an actual monkey on your head that could help here...

Dang, I can't put the image here. I'll send it to you.

Bird said...

Its true.... If there should be an earthquake on the fault line 105 miles (or something like that) off shore on the west coast it will cause a Tsunami that is over a hundred feet tall wiping Seattle off the map! ...

We might even see a little of it in the Great Lakes!


Schmiddy said...

Fricking love that picture. Seriously, good times. As for our imminent destruction, Paige is probably right. It's coming. Shit.