Thursday, May 15, 2008

Pfunk and I's latest crafty project: Wall Mounted Friends

Inspired by a project we saw at a recent craft show, Pfunk and I set out to create trophy-style wall mount "animals" for the entryway to our apartment. The end result is similar to what we saw at the show, but not the same. It was fun, cheap and easy project.

Plastic/Rubber Toys (Thrift Store) - 29-69 cents/ea
Wooden plaques (Craft store) - $1-2/ea
Acrylic Paints (Craft store) - 50 cents/bottle
Cutting implements (kitchen scissors, serrated saw or knife)
Hot Glue Gun & Glue
Hangers (for back of wooden wall mount)
Nails for hanging!
Crown shaped bead for "Frog Prince" (optional)

1) Attach wall hangers to the back of each plaque.
2) Paint each plaque with several coats of paint.
3) Cut each toy where you want to mount it, careful to keep surface as flat as possible
4) Apply hot glue to back of toy - you may need to get creative because toys tend to be hollow, so not much surface to work with. 5) Hold toy in place while glue dries (we then let ours set overnight before hanging)
6) Hang!


Schmiddy said...

I wish I had 1/10th of your creativity. Alas, I got nothing.

CoryQ said...

This would have made a good "How To With Cory Q" on MRT.

Smitty said...

CoryQ - Could I be like a guest co-host on "How to with Cory Q"? :-) Or we could write a "How to remove a bit stuck in a drill bit extender." Step One: Don't bother. Step Two: Buy a new drill bit extender. Ha!