Friday, May 02, 2008

Perhaps an "I love my lesbian aunt" t-shirt as a birthday gift to combine the two celebrations? :-)

I informed my mom yesterday that the birth of my nephew may have inadvertently created a lifelong conflict of interest. Well, not so much a conflict in interest as competing interests. His due date was July 27th (his mom - my sister's b-day), but came almost a month early on June 29th. So it always going to make sense to have his birthday parties the last weekend in June, especially given that waiting longer will invariably bump up against 4th of July travels and festivities. Problem is, Twin Cities Gay Pride is always the last weekend in June. So when I'm in Chicago on June 28th for his 2nd birthday party, I'll be missing Pride for, you guessed it, the second year in a row! It's not like I think Jackson showed up early just to spite his lesbian auntie, but Auntie Paige and I were joking that we wished he'd baked just a little longer. My sister getting pregnant and giving birth and the resulting birthday parties is just another example of heterosexual privilege winning out over gay rights! That last statement was a sarcastic, by the way. I freaking love my nephew. But I do enjoy parts of Pride and wish I didn't have to choose. But now grandma is aware of the conflict and says we can plan around it in the future. Yay for loving open-minded grammies and my nephew growing up in a family that supports a straight mom and a gay aunt and both their partners.


Bird said...

Auntie Paige :-)

CoryQ said...

Familes that really care do rock, don't they?