Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm so tired of working with this ignoramus, I can't even tell you.

Monday afternoon, when someone in my office brought up the rising death toll in the aftermath of the earthquake in China, not only had one of my coworkers heard nothing about it, her response upon hearing some details of the tragedy was, "Well, that country is overpopulated anyways."

This is coming from someone who majored in International Studies and hopes to start a grad program in International Leadership.

If you are interested in hearing a story about the China Earthquake that actually exhibits some fucking compassion and understanding of the scope of the devastation, might I suggest listening to this report from NPR's Melissa Block.


Schmiddy said...

Holy crap, that woman finished college??

CoryQ said...

Well, maybe if we are lucky, she will go on a trip to Africa and come back with a new sense of the world.