Wednesday, May 07, 2008

You'd be surprised the overlap between purple, maroon and brown.

I was on the designsponge blog last Friday, reading about a DIY bookshelf project. I wasn't interested in making the shelves, but was intrigued by how the books in the example photo were arranged by color. I decided, with the help of Pfunk, to try it at home.

Before: arranged by subject.

After: Arranged by color

We decided it was best not to put them on the shelf in ROYGBIV order, given that we're gay. This recategorization was already scoring high on the dork scale and having a gay pride bookshelf would've put it over the top. It's a little hard for my brain to get used the idea that the photo albums are mixed in with actual books, that all the arts and crafts books aren't together, the books I bought while on study abroad aren't together, etc. It's a good thing that my book sets like Lord of the Rings and Little House on the Prairie are all the same color, so they could at least stay together. It would've been hard to split up the Harry Potter books since each one is a different color. Luckily, I have the Potter box set and I keep it somewhere else (and even if I did keep it on the bookshelf, its in a brown box and could've been kept in the "brown" section). Overall, I found the effect pleasing. This way, Stephen Colbert and Margaret Atwood get to be neighbors. That wouldn't have happened before.


Aditi said...

I like the books that are arranged by colour.
They look really well organized.

Schmiddy said...

There is no way my AR self could do that. Clothes, yes, books, no. My clothes are ROYGBIV btw - what does that say about me? ;) The shelves do look cool though!