Thursday, May 15, 2008

Easy come, easy go!

My $600 stimulus money was posted to my checking account Tuesday. Wednesday, my landlord finally got around to cashing my May rent check of $575. Whatta joke! I know the $600 is still extra money, but seeing those two transactions side by side can't help but make me feel like I only made out with 25 bucks. Maybe I'll use the $25 on a couple bottles of gin and hole up in my apartment in a drunken stupor until we have a new President. This whole stimulus thing is a freaking joke anyways. There is a great blog, How I Spent my Stimulus, that is worth checking out. I'll probably post to it once I figure out how I want to spend the money. Current contenders: credit card bill, plane ticket to Detroit, pet rodent adoption fee, MPR membership, Obama campaign donation, private purchase of some kind, medical bills or some combination thereof.


Schmiddy said...

Pet rodent adoption fee and personal purchases? Jigga what?

CoryQ said...

Where's that $25 you owe me?