Monday, April 28, 2008

Google searches as insight into Smitty's life

So you know how when you type any letter or combination of letters into a Google tool bar search box, there is immediately a drop down menu of all your own searches that match (which is then followed by the most overall popular searches using those letters)? I decided to type every single letter of the alphabet into my Google tool bar at work and log my top five searches under each letter. What does it say about me? That I listen to a lot of NPR for one. I've color coded my searches into the following categories:
Trying to hear something on NPR, or following up on something I heard
CoryQ related searches
I have no idea why I was looking this up
Hey! I actually looked something up for work!
My attempt to get at the correct meaning or spelling of something.
Other things on the internet made me wanna look this up.
Keeping up on Current events
Looking up stuff for life outside of work.
No discenrable category - aka what's leftover.

amc theaters showtimes
abc debate obama clinton
april 16 debate
auto glass minneapolis
ann arbor civic theater

be a brit different
bryant park project
bruised rib
bruised rib pain
bravo tv

Car Talk
Cribsheet twin cities
College of St. Catherine
Comcast Cable

Double Dare Nickelodeon
Dane Cook Speak and Spell
Design Sponge
Dane Cook
Daniel Holcomb minnesota

ellen gay boy killed
endymion krewe
electric fetus
eating on fat tuesday

festifools ann arbor
ftm thomas beattie
ftm message board
ftm support

guillermo vargas habacuc
green eggs and ham
girl scout cookie names

Highway 61 MN
human chimera
hognose snake plays dead
hognosed snake

i hate bryant park project
improv everywhere
internet is affecting my quality of life

jake gyllenhaal reese witherspoon
javanese food
javanese mountain dish
jamaican bobsled team pictures
judge maggie cammer

kate moennig
kare11 news
kimya dawson
ksw scientology

l word alice tattoo disappearing
leisha hailey tattoo
leisha hailey tattoo removal
lawrence king
larry brandon gay 8th grader

mn public radio
moxie salon minneapolis
monkey river town

nordic inn crosby mn
ncaa basketball picks
north pole
nomad bar mn
no such thing as a clean break
obama verus clinton
obama or clinton
other people's stories
operating heavy machinery
one shot too many

postcards from yo mama
pulmonary embolism
photoshop disasters
prairie dog meme

Q. I had no personal searches starting with "Q"

radio lab
reuse center minneapolis
rosie o'donnell
randy paush oprah
river heights charter school

slush girl
star parker
stamping minneapolis
sally kern

truck nuts
tim e woodsman
tila tequila
twin chimera
thomas beattie pregnant man

ugly shirt boston proper
uber alles
utah phillips
universal health care versus single payer
university club st. paul mn

V. (I only had 4 personal searches under "V')
Valvex root of name
very cold temperature glass

william carlos williams just to say
women's colleges in the us
wagner's ring cycle
wentworth south dakota

X. (None)

Y. (None)

zoloft and dizziness

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Quotes of the Day

After telling my chiropractor all about the attack thermos and resulting bruised rib, she asked me, "Where does it hurt the most?". I pointed to a spot between my breasts, just to the left of my sternum. She pulls out this medieval torture device. Some kind of spring-loaded metal instrument that punches your displaced rib back into place. She proceeds to repeatedly use said device to sucker punch me repeatedly in the spot I just pointed out. To which I replied, "Mother fucker! I hate you!".

Paige is sick, plus it is 30 degrees and snowing, so we've been watching movies all afternoon. I fell asleep during Jesus Camp and woke up in time for Into the Wild. Two hours into the movie, Paige said, "When is he just going to die already?".

Monday, April 21, 2008

I have a thermos-shaped indent in my side...

...and it smarts! I bought a fancy new thermos while vacationing in TN. It sat on the shelf for a month until I left my insulated coffee mug at work one day and needed to put my coffee into something the next morning. Turns out that the thermos keeps the coffee warmer longer and using the thermos cap as a cup has a dainty feel to it, like using a Japanese tea cup. So I've ditched the insulated mug entirely. So perhaps it isn't surprising that when walking back from a staff meeting on Friday, my brain told my arm to clutch the Thermos tighter under my arm instead of dropping in the mud when I lost my footing. Long story short, in a spectacular fall that involved running about 5 more steps after the initial trip, all the while still falling, I fell on the thermos that was tucked under my left arm like a football (my hands were full), such that there's a visible bruise on my ribcage and my sternum aches with every hiccough, sneeze or random movement. But the thermos went unscathed. It is a pretty awesome thermos afterall.