Thursday, March 20, 2008

Weird weird dream

I had a couple dreams the other morning. The first one is pretty fuzzy, but involved an extended wait at the dentist's office. The dentist was making all of his patients wash their faces with liquid Dial Soap. I waited close to two hours for my appointment, only to have the dentist announce he'd worked too many consecutive hours and he needed to take a nap. That's really all I remember of that dream.

Then I dreamt I was standing in my parents driveway in Michigan when the neighbor's dog from across the street came running over and attacked me, latching onto my left hand. I screamed for the neighbor to come get her dog off of me, but she just stood there watching. Finally she came over and the dog let go. I showed her my shredded hand and said, "Look what your dog did!."

She replied, "It's not even bleeding."

I said, "You know, I only hate you because you hated me first."

"I know," she replied.


A little background on the dream. The neighbor is a real woman that lived across the street from parents for many years, but they moved last year. She had two dogs during that time, neither of which was the dog in the dream. She and her family were evangelical Christians. She was always very friendly to my face, but I always suspected she disapproved of me behind my back. I honestly don't know if my suspicions were valid, or based on assumptions about her beliefs. But I certainly didn't hate her.

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