Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'd feel like a sheep, if the music wasn't so good.

For weeks and weeks I've been seeing and hearing the name Bon Iver (a taken name based on the French for "Good Winter" - Bon Hiver) wherever I go. First, he made the front page of the Arts and Entertainment section of the Star Tribune. Later that week, My theatre coworker Jon told me he'd gone to a Bon Iver show and said how great it was (make that former worker as my last day at the theatre was Sunday!). Which meant a lot coming from Jon because he writes music reviews and goes to multiple shows a week. Then Bon Iver got song of the day on NPR. After a staff meeting at my University job, a coworker asked if I'd heard any good music lately and I mentioned that this name Bon Iver is following me wherever I go and it turns out that coworker went to high school with him. Then I watched the DFL Senate Debates on MPR (Al Franken, you're making it hard for me to root for you) and the next video in the MPR queue is Bon Iver's in studio performance from The Current. Then I open my Twin Cities Events email from The Onion yesterday and its urging me to go to Bon Iver's in store performance at Electric Fetus tonight. So I finally said, "All right already! I'll go, Jeez." So I'm going. And it looks like I'm hopping on the band wagon at just the right time because by looking at his Myspace page, this appears to be his last local show (he's from Wisconsin - close enough) before embarking on a nationwide tour. Favorite song so far? Skinny Love.


Schmiddy said...

Looking forward to seeing you tonight!

coryq said...

Did you get your pre-order cd and was the show any good?