Monday, February 18, 2008

Smooth Smitty strikes again

In the last two months, one of Pfunk's grandmothers died from Alzheimer's disease and her other grandmother moved into assisted living.

When we decided to see a movie on Saturday, I nominated The Savages because I love Laura Linney and Philip Seymour Hoffman. All I knew about it was that they played humorously dysfunctional siblings. Little did I know that they play siblings that are humorously dysfunctional while moving their elderly father with dementia into a nursing home. I must've turned to her five times during the movie to say, "I'm sorry. Are you ok?".

And here I thought I could do no worse than the
Garden State incident.

Pfunk, when your dog dies, what do you say we make a date to see Old Yeller?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'd feel like a sheep, if the music wasn't so good.

For weeks and weeks I've been seeing and hearing the name Bon Iver (a taken name based on the French for "Good Winter" - Bon Hiver) wherever I go. First, he made the front page of the Arts and Entertainment section of the Star Tribune. Later that week, My theatre coworker Jon told me he'd gone to a Bon Iver show and said how great it was (make that former worker as my last day at the theatre was Sunday!). Which meant a lot coming from Jon because he writes music reviews and goes to multiple shows a week. Then Bon Iver got song of the day on NPR. After a staff meeting at my University job, a coworker asked if I'd heard any good music lately and I mentioned that this name Bon Iver is following me wherever I go and it turns out that coworker went to high school with him. Then I watched the DFL Senate Debates on MPR (Al Franken, you're making it hard for me to root for you) and the next video in the MPR queue is Bon Iver's in studio performance from The Current. Then I open my Twin Cities Events email from The Onion yesterday and its urging me to go to Bon Iver's in store performance at Electric Fetus tonight. So I finally said, "All right already! I'll go, Jeez." So I'm going. And it looks like I'm hopping on the band wagon at just the right time because by looking at his Myspace page, this appears to be his last local show (he's from Wisconsin - close enough) before embarking on a nationwide tour. Favorite song so far? Skinny Love.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I promised.

Met a fabulous British gay boy at Twilight the other night. When I told him the name of the University where I work, he exclaimed, "Oh Gawd! I met a student from there once. When I mentioned Machiavelli, he thought I was talking about an Italian wine! Promise me you'll get out of there at soon as you can!".

Friday, February 08, 2008

Road Trip!

Anyone know any must-see sites in Nashville and/or Memphis? P-funk and I are going on a road trip and Tennessee is the destination. So far, Graceland and the Jack Daniels Distillery are on the list. And my Dad suggested the Bluebird Cafe.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's a girl to do?

The Minnesota Caucus starts in just about 3 hours and I'm still vacillating between Obama and Clinton (That's Rocco Bama to you, CoryQ). I'm frantically listening to debates and reading interviews and researching online looking for the perspective that is going to be the tipping point one way or another for me. Regardless, one of them will be getting my vote for President come November.

UPDATE (02/05/08 9:20 pm): I settled on a candidate and attended my caucus. I stayed for the elections of the Senate delagates and resolution proposals to the MN DFL party issues. It was inspiring to go to the caucus tonight. It was packed! Standing room only in the elementary school cafeteria. It was great to look around at my neighbors and see the great turnout. I've never participated in a caucus before, coming from a state (MI) that has primaries. Of course, Michigan democrats didn't really get a primary this year, but that's a whole other issue.

I called my parents to tell them about it. They knew I'd been wavering on who to cast my vote for. At one point, my dad said, "You don't have to tell us who you voted for if you don't want to, it's private." When I was little, my mom always took me with her when she voted and let me come into the booth with her. This was in the days where the booths had curtains and levers, which I loved. I know some places still use the old booths with the cloth drapery and manual levers, but I've never used one. I've always had the cardboard booth and the scantron ballot. I remember once accompanying my grandfather when he went to vote. When I tried to follow him into the cloaked booth, he scolded me harshly, telling me that his vote was private. He died when I was in second grade, and it is one of my strongest memories of him.

The caucus process can turn that whole idea of the private vote on it's head. It feels like democracy at its purest. The straw pull for the presidental race was private, like a primary. Had we had more nominees for senate delagates than we had allotted slots, we would've gone through the more traditional process of declaring what candidate you support and defending and debating that position to determine the number of delegates. We still had several debates and open votes on resolutions and precinct chair nominations. There were also several motions for changing the process itself to suit the needs of the precinct members in attendance. The whole idea had made me a little nervous going in, but it was also exciting. But I'm still not telling you who I voted for! At least not right now on the blog.

I live in Minneapolis Ward 6, Precinct 2. I am recounting these numbers from memory, so they may be a bit off. What I can tell you for certain is that just over 900 people voted, Obama's votes were in the 700s, Clintons in the 100s. The numbers for Kucinich, Edwards and Uncommitted are exact.

Obama 702
Clinton 186
Kucinich 6
Edwards 1
Uncommitted 7

Monday, February 04, 2008


I have a co-worker that is trying to give Three-Thumbed Jenny a run for the money in the stupidity department. Apparently, until quite recently, said co-worker was walking around under the misconception that the man who has the potential to be the first African American President of the USA, was name Rocco Bama.