Thursday, January 17, 2008

"Oh, Mr. Banks. Sorry, I didn't see you... as hard as that is to believe"

I was in the car the other day and found myself asking P-funk: Do you ever wonder if DJ Jazzy Jeff calls up Will Smith and says, "Will, we should totally do a reunion show on VH1. Salt N Pepa did it. I'm looking for comeback and bet you are too. Whatdoyasay?".

"Uh, well, I don't know. I was just in this movie, you may of heard of it, I Am Legend. It grossed $76.5 million the opening weekend alone. I mean, it was the biggest December opening since The Lord of the Rings. I'm not sure I need a comeback."

"This is what I'm talking about! Couldn't you hook me up with a part like you did with The Fresh Prince of Bel Air?".

"You think I should've had a bloodthirsty zombie infected with a genetically altered measles virus pick you up by your collar and throw you out of a house or something? I don't think so."

"C'mon man! Those were the goddamn days. I loved that bit with Uncle Phil!"

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CoryQ said...

DJ Jazzy Jeff, who I don't think gets enough credit for laying down those phat beats (go find the tune "I Wanna Rock" off the album Code Red and you'll see what I mean), is still pretty active in music production.

And really, Will Smith was at his best when he thought he could beat Mike Tyson.