Monday, October 29, 2007

Sloth Loves Chunk.. and Timbaland?


Am I the only one that hears Sloth from The Goonies when listening to "Apologize" by Timbaland (featuring One Republic) ? There are three notes repeated throughout the song that sound like someone saying "eh" or "hey" 3 times. To me, It sounds eerily like the start of the infamous "Hey you guys!" line uttered by Sloth when he reappears at the end of the film dressed in a Superman shirt and pirate hat. Mainly, I just like the idea of the specially made headphones Sloth needed for his uneven ears when Timbaland invited him into the studio (Beautifully photoshopped by Bird).
In the video below, Timbaland lip synchs the three "hey" notes at seconds 14-16:

"Hey you guys!" by Sloth:

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Lisa said...

That picture is really too close up.