Saturday, July 07, 2007

Sick and Tired

When I first got my current job at a Catholic university, my then girlfriend, a Catholic herself, got me a copy of the book "Catholicism for Dummies." Someday, when I'm no longer employed there, I'm going to write a blog entitled "Dummies for Catholicism." I went into this job with my eyes open. I expected some clash between my personal views and those of the institution. Shit, when I turned on the local news the night after my very first day on the job, I saw a representative of the University speaking at an anti-gay marriage rally on the Capitol steps. But after working there for over a year as an out lesbian, and experiencing no friction from my immediate co-workers and boss, I guess I let my guard down and got a bit comfortable. Well, that comfort has been discarded and the guard is back up. An event that is supposed to be a "team-building" conference and a "reward" for a year's hard work had the opposite effect on me. I've never felt less like I want to be a part of this team after witnessing the racism, ablism, homophobia and sexism displayed by my co-workers at this retreat. Far from a rewarding experience, I felt like I was being punished for something.

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coryq said...

I know I have said my piece on this before, but I'll say some more for the internet. I think on the whole this is a good place to work. Now, my perspective is very different from yours, granted. I think the larger office you work for is stunted and juvinile. Sure, the place is conservative and we know that brings certain baggage with it. That isn't so much the issue as the thoughtlessness and immaturity of a set of your coworkers. I'm not defending their actions. I find it lamentable in the extreme and am sorry that you had to suffer their foolishness. I, for one, am very glad you are here and hope that you continue to be around for conversations and lunch for awhile.