Sunday, July 08, 2007

It's fine, thanks for asking.

My big straight sister called me last week to announce she'd had "A VERY lesbian day today." She was phoning from an Indigo Girls concert, so that explained the evening portion of her Lesbian Day.

Earlier, as part of her job marketing her physical therapy clinic, she had worked at a charity golf event.

"It was a girls charity and it was basically these 2 rich lesbians hosting the event and all their rich lesbian friends playing in the tourniment."

Sounds about right.

One of my sister's tasks was to check in the players. They were teeing off at different holes to stagger the players and avoid bunching up on the course. The hole number was pre-printed on the players' nametags.

At one point, my sister leaned in to read the nametag on one woman's chest and said, "Sorry, I'm just checking your hole."

Everyone cracked up.

For the rest of the day, my sister had lesbian golfers coming up to her and saying, "How's your hole? I'm just checking your hole."


CoryQ said...

I'm not a lesbian, but that joke totally works for me too.

Lisa said...

Totally love this story!