Monday, March 05, 2007

Why not just "Kim"?

When my friend Kylee worked at a movie theater back in high school, the management required name tags, but didn't want the girls to use their real names. Something about safety concerns. While her female co-workers were content adopting names like "Susie" and "Tara," Kylee took the opportunity to re-christen herself ZARQUOK. Which resulted in many humorous conversations with customer's about her heritage, parents' drug use, etc.

We can only hope that Baker's Square has a similar name tag policy. Otherwise, the waitress I had was actually named PUMPKIM and it wasn't a joke she was playing on her unassuming patrons.

That is not a typo by the way. I feel the need to clarify since the "m" and "n" keys are adjacent on the keyboard. Her name is not Pumpkin, but PumpKIM.


Kelsey said...

that is AWESOME. sparrowleaf will be happy to hear about poor pumpkim.

coryq said...

I went to college with a guy named Forest Hawk Greenwood.

There is some plusses and minuses to an unusual name. The negatives are that no body ever gets it right, you can't find your name on any novelty item, and most people aren't clever enough to get away without stupid comments. On the plus side, it is a good conversation starter.

I think pumpkim sounds vaguely dirty.