Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Random stories/observations from recent goings-on

The lamps in The Cheesecake Factory in Edina, Minnesota looks like the Eye of Sauron in the Lord of the Rings movies, which I always thought looked a lot like a big flaming vagina. So, essentially, the lights in the Cheescake Factory look like some kinda Georgia O'Keefe Fire-crotch art project gone wrong!
My one year anniversary working at the University was on March 20th. My co-workers took me out to lunch and gave me a card for the occasion. However, my boss signed the card "Happy B-day." I wonder what she'll think when she's given another card to sign next month on my actual birthday. Of course, this is the same woman who, on her way out the door yesterday (Monday), said, "Have a nice weekend!". So I'm guessing she won't ever realize her blunder.

P-funk and I were in a thrift store on Saturday when an employee came over the P.A. and announced, "Code 4," followed by something in Spanish. We decided that it translated to "Code 4! Lesbians in housewares!". For the rest of the day, I'd randomly bust out with, "Code 4: Lesbians in the Kitchen!" or, "Code 4: Lesbians on the freeway!".

We are currently house/dog sitting in the suburbs and therefore ended up at Perkins for breakfast over the weekend. Where we saw a grown woman pull a bib out of her purse, fasten it around her neck, fold her hands in front of her, pray aloud at the table, and dig in for some serious grubbing. Hey lady, Perkins may not be fine dining, but bibs are NOT acceptable attire. This ain't Red Lobster!

Which is worse: playing to a fuller house where only half are paying attention to you, or playing to a small crowd of interested fans in an otherwise empty room? Went to see Bitch, formerly of Bitch and Animal, perform at Pi last night. Don't you hate it when you are a member of an audience that won't behave? You end up feeling embarassed and guilty to be part of the crowd, even though you yourself are playing nicely. Last night, it appeared as though half those there were just there to hang out and talk and not see the show. You could tell it was really frustrating for Bitch and she actually stopped one of her spoken word pieces part way through, said, "Fuck it," and picked up her bass and drown everyone out instead. Cringe.

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coryq said...

That sucks about the bad crowd. I have been there, but never that bad.

And I hate (LOATHE!) Perkins even more than self check out.