Sunday, February 11, 2007

My Parents: Hog Wild

My parents' romantic plans for Valentine's Day? Candlelit dinner perhaps? Some chocolate-covered strawberries? Maybe a moonlit dance somewhere? Not quite.

"Your dad and I decided, the heck with his ear*, we're going to order a pizza for the first time in over a year!"

Whoa, slow down kids.

*My dad suffers from tinnitus (constant ringing in his ears) and finds that a low sodium diet helps, hence no pizza in a year.


coryq said...

Valentine's Day is over rated. After all, it isn't really based on a warm fuzzy tradition. Besides, if you are in a lasting relationship you have 364 other days to prove you care and caring takes many forms.

Maybe they will have heart shaped slices?

Kelsey said...

That is going to taste AWESOME. I love pizza if I haven't had it in a week!

Smitty said...

CoryQ: I actually find my parents' plans quite sweet and endearing; perhaps my sarcasm masked that sentiment. My parents are the cutest!

coryq said...

Yeah, I can appreciate that. My folks still make out in the kitchen and dance to songs on the radio together.

(stupid internet not conveying tonality!)