Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I'm published!

Is it time to quit your job when one writes witty work-related jokes and submits them for the office Valentine's Day publication? It is too late to get out unscathed or is this evidence of permanent damage?

Either way, here is the "Missed Connections" Personal Ad I wrote for the University Office of Admissions Feb 14th newsletter:

Wanted: Acceptance
Me: Freshman Fall Application. Slightly overweight (11 page essay) with some baggage (special circumstances letter). Have a lot to offer (check out my 3 page resume) but feel like something is missing.

You: Elusive Class of ’07 High School Trans. Saw you briefly in the front office. Have been trying to catch your eye ever since, but can’t seem to find you anywhere. Think you might be what I’m looking for.

Wish you would get in touch. If you need convincing, letters of rec are available upon request. Take a chance! Worry about rejection later. I look forward to the day I can say, “You complete me.”

I'm so effing witty. Kind of begs the question, why am I wasting my talents doing data entry when I could be writing jokes for Conan O'Brien? I'd even settle for that weenie Carson Daly.


Anonymous said...

This is really very witty!

And don't quit. Then I just have Holly to visit, and she is mean to me.

coryq said...

I forgot to add my name on the previous post.

My mistake means more comments for you!