Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cupid can be one twisted mutha fucka

A year ago today, I was celebrating Valentine's Day with my mom. Not because I was single (I wasn't), but because my dad asked me to come to Ann Arbor to help out while my mom recovered from surgery. The week prior I'd found an email* my (now ex) girlfriend had sent to a friend essentially stating, "Smitty is going to be out of town next week, which is fine with me because I'm not feeling especially Valentiney towards her at the moment. I'll be celebrating with ____, I just hope I can stay faithful."

We'd been having problems for awhile so I wasn't surprised to hear she wasn't feeling very "Valentiney," I wasn't either. But for all the problems we were having, it had never crossed my mind to cheat. I was still stuck in save-the-relationship-don't-let-the-dream-die mode. I've always felt that if you are at the point where you are contemplating cheating on someone, just have the decency to break-up with the person. Which is what I told her when I confronted her.

I'm actually not a huge Valentine's kinda gal. Nonetheless, the timing of this development in our long-term relationship was not lost on me. I'm not sure either of us even called the other on Feb 14th last year.

Valentine's 2007 is already looking up compared to last year (nowhere to go but up?). I have a new lady friend who feels similarly about the holiday as myself. When P-funk asked what I wanted to do for Feb 14, I said in my signature sarcasm, "I want flowers and candy and romance bee-atch!! And don't forget the candles and jewelry." I can't stand those whiny demanding girls that turn Valentine's Day into some kind of love test. They are the Bridezillas of tomorrow. P-funk and I seem to agree, when it comes to Valentine's Day, no need to make a huge production out of it or break the bank, but if you are with someone you care about, it is a nice excuse to buy each other presents, have tasty treats and snuggle.

*I know what you're thinking: what was I doing in her email? Which is sketchier: the information I found, or my method of finding it? All I can say is that the deterioration of that relationship combined with my own depression at the time turned me into this crazed desperate creature I hope to never resemble in the slightest ever again. It wasn't pretty.


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Well, P-funk made me a necklace for Valentine's, so that covers jewelry. And she also made me a CD of love songs, so that covers romance. We ate a candlelit dinner (at BLB!) and one of the songs on the CD is called Candlelight, so Candles were covered. I'm still waiting on the candy and flowers Bisnatch! I'm a Valentine's Day Diva!