Friday, January 05, 2007

Dreams and Sewing Machines

Our main database is shut down for the day for an upgrade so we played catch-up on non-data-entry duties. Which means I scanned documents for 4 straight hours. Luckily, I remembered that I had my iPod with me about 2 hours into the job, which made the last 2 tolerable. It is actually an iPod shuffle. I like to call it an "iShuffle" but my girlfriend, the Mac Geek Apple Store Employee, always corrects me: There is such a thing as iLife (which includes iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD and iWeb) but no such thing as an iShuffle. It is an iPod Shuffle. To which I respond, "bite me."
And my iShuffle is not one of the cool new ones, but the collector's item/vintage/retro/looks like a stick of gum iShuffle (see above). But it gets the job done and has a super-cool lanyard so, bite me. Something possessed me to write down all the different artists/bands I heard while working. And something further possessed me to share them here. I don't know why. Perhaps because the iShuffle lives up to its name and I heard a super random mix of music while imaging 1,634 documents into our work flow today.

David Gray x2
Kid Beyond x2
Dixie Chicks
Rufus Wainwright x2
Ember Swift
Kelly Clarkson x3 (who doesn't have a "t" in her last name despite my tendency to pronounce it "Clarkston")
Ellis x2
Gil Scott Heron
John Mayar x2
Patsy Cline
No Doubt
Neil Diamond
Indigo Girls x2
Enya (jigga what?!)
United States of Poetry (not sure which poet)
Gnarls Barkley
Ani Difranco x2
Sarah McLachlan (remix)
Levi Weaver
Imogen Heap x2
Patty Griffin
A remix of the Nutcracker Suite (don't ask)
Frou Frou
Harry and the Potters

And some group that sounded like Weezer, but I don't think I have any Weezer in my iTunes library, so I really can't say. That is the one drawback of the iShuffle - no handy screen to tell you what you are listening to.

Side Note: Rufus and Ember are two of the artists that P-funk and I will be seeing in the Ann Arbor Folk Fest later this month. Wah hoody!
You may mock my musical tastes if you choose, but be aware that my response will probably be, "bite me."


CoryQ said...

Gil Scott Heron?! I had no idea you were so hip. Was he talking about how his sister Nell got bit by a rat and Whitey was walking on the moon or was he telling you how the revolution won't be televised?

And was that a Disco Nutcracker?

Paige said...

iPod - shuffle.