Thursday, January 25, 2007

Come Again?

"We were at 'A' bar when my friend got a dooey and had to go to cop shop."

My co-worker Becky is from a small town in Minnesota near "Roch" and sometimes us city mice have a hard time keeping up with her lingo. The above statement is an exact quote from her recap of a weekend spent at home.

After calling a time-out and requesti
ng a translation, we found out the following information:

"A" bar is short for "After Bar." After Bar is where you hang out after the bar closes. It is usually someone's house, but doesn't have to be. Becky once ended up in a hair salon owned by a friend, where some "A" Bar attendees made the ill-advised decision to wax their eyebrows after a few too many. I'm familiar with the phenomenon of After Bar, but had never called it that, let alone uttered it often enough to necessitate it being shortened to "A" Bar. My friends and I usually just say, "Let's go to so-and-so's place" or something akin to that. Becky wo
uld say "'A' Bar is at so-and-so's." Once, the Minneapolis International Hostel was where my "A" Bar was, but that is another story.

"Dooey" is the direct pronunciation of D.U.I.

"Cop Shop" is the holding cell where one is taken after caught driving drunk.

By the way, "Roch" is short for Rochester, MN - the nearest "big city" to Becky's hometown. I told her that "Rotch" sounds like slang for Crotch Rot. So sometimes I just whisper "herpes" under my breath when she talks about her hometown.

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coryq said...

I still think it sounds like a bad morning radio show...

"Listen to Roch Rock in the morning with A-Bar and Dewey!"

Is this the right place to start a discussion of the camo koozie?