Thursday, December 21, 2006

Me not blog long time. Me so sorry.

I've been absentee from this blog for over a month now, mostly because I've been super busy. And just because you are busy doesn't necessarily mean you have that many interesting things to write about.

It is the busy season in University Admissions, having received over 4,000 applications and the accompanying paperwork in the past 3 months. Which may not seem like a lot, until you realize that the entire University only has 5,500 undergrads and there are only 4 full timers processing all this paperwork. So when I would usually squeeze some blogging in over my lunch hour, I've been taking shortened lunches or working through lunch to keep up with the workload (and get overtime - gotta pay for Christmas presents somehow). See? Not all that interesting.

But, starting Saturday, I find myself with a week off work which means I will no doubt have some time to blog. I'm celebrating Christmas Day at my parents for the first time in 3 years and although I'm totally stoked about seeing family and friends and getting my Michigan pride on, I'm expecting a lot of much-needed down time. So, what would you like me to blog about first?

* The smart attack I had at the grocery store
* Secret Santa anxiety
* The best concert I've been to in years
* You know you are robbing the cradle when...
* Christmas carols that never should've been
* My cat's football bowl picks.
* Random mystery story TBA

Vote in the comments section!


Anonymous said...

My Vote

"Random mystery story"...or "you know you are robbing the cradle when..."(unless its about that I think its is about the I'll pass on the one) :-)

Anonymous said...

smart attack & the rest all sound good to me!!


CoryQ said...

Hooray! My favorite bloggity blog blog is back! And I see you even used something I sent to you. I'm touched.

My picks, in order:
Secret Santa Anxiety
Smart attack
Robbing the cradle
Christmas carols
Random story
(I have already heard about the awesome concert)

Gettin' your Michigan Pride on, huh? Does that mean eating pasties and baiting wolverines? I have been to Michigan. It was nice, I just don't know about the traditions of the area...