Tuesday, November 14, 2006

That is 8 "golf"s in 1 sentence by the way.

My favorite thing about working in college admissions is the entrance essays. I'd love to provide some examples on this blog of choice essay topics, awkward sentence structure or incorrect word usage, but I'd be fired.

A close second to the essays are the random transcripts from school that you could've never imagined even existed. Case in point:
Professional Golfers Career College:

"If you're looking for a golf college program that provides a golf education for a golf career in the golf industry including golf management, golf instruction and golf business, then PGCC is the golf school you need to attend."

Let's talk curriculum. "The objective of the program is to help the student attain a fundamental grounding in professional golf management, including an introduction to the theory and practice of golf shop operations." What exactly is theoretical about running a Pro Shop? Either you carry that brand of clubs or you don't. I can only imagine Calligraphy is offered so you can fill out those Hole-in-One certificates. Psychology of Golf actually sounds kind of interesting. But I'm pretty sure your credits for Turf Management aren't going to transfer over to this learning institution, sorry.


Anonymous said...

What do you think I can wear to class? Does my diploma include monogrammed golf balls? Does the school rent out golf carts for increased mobility around campus? If I hit someone with a golf club, is it considered assault or 'helping with homework'?


coryq said...

There are just too many jokes I can make about Turf Management... must re f r a i n !

Reminds me of the transcripts we used to get from the Auto Repair School of Moscow. I just don't see many of those Russian Autobody classes transfering to anywhere.

P-daugh said...

I think I would enjoy wearing the spiked shoes to class each day with my golf-shirts and kacki shorts...So do we know if they actually teach golf at all...Cuz I might want to learn that first.