Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hey GOP! We're gaining on ya! Can't you feel our breath?

We took the House! You better recognize!

In related news...file this under You can't make this shit up.

Courtesy of the
crazy rat lady:

"My god. I am so in love with this photo! It’s
Rick Santorum & his family…it almost looks like it’s straight out of a Christopher Guest movie or something…"

If you are even going to own a doll at that girl's age, it stays in your bedroom on a shelf, not tucked under your arm at Republican Headquarters.


P-daugh said...

Can we say CREEPY! That girl holding the doll looks like a character from Children of the Corn. Not OK!!!
How much do ou think they payed her to make that face! :-P

CoryQ said...

Where is the photo from? How old is this girl? She looks like The Swedish Chef from The Muppet Show. There is something odd about that picture. The perspective? Why is that girl the center of the shot? Did one of the cameramen just say something rude to her? I don't know, it sits ill with me.

Anonymous said...

His family gathered while he gave his concession speech. Most of the camera shots were from the other side, as you see in videos like here:

coryq said...

I do like that the girl's outfit matches the doll's outfit.