Sunday, November 12, 2006

Dear Lord in Heaven

I am dating a woman who wears NASCAR cologne.

Good thing I saw that in her bathroom only after I'd decided I like her. Yes, I am so shallow that seeing "Daytona 500" in the medicine cabinet early on might've sent me packing.

I mean seriously, is it made outta synthetic Dale Earnhart Jr. pheromones or something? Yuck. I didn't even realize until I Googled this image that the cap looks like a tire. Classy.


CoryQ said...

Yeah, you should be pissed. The least she could do is wear Hummer colonge. Or the stuff that smelly like Brittny Spears, or J. Lo essence perfume, or the stuff made from Sammy Kershaw's sweat, or something classy like that!

Smitty said...

When I was googling the cologne for the photo, I did discover that Daytona 500 is by Elizabeth Arden, so perhaps it is sorta classy afterall? I'm still not convinced.

coryq said...

I don't really have a sense of smelly, so I might not be the 'leading expect' in this field. As far as I am concerned, 'Poison' and 'Rapture' are the only perfumes that matter for me (cause Mrs Q wears 'em, and I have to be reeeeally close to smell them).