Monday, October 09, 2006

Um. No.

My BFF and I went to Ikea (or Dykea, as we like to affectionately refer to it) tonight. Even though my SLIPAD Design D Crafoord/ U Vejbrink knives only cost $2.59, I still had to pay with a card. As I was signing the touch screen of one of those self-serve card swipey thingys, the palm of my right hand accidentally hit "Enter" before I was done. I informed the cashier, who jokingly told me that the machines were made for left handed people.

I joked back, saying, "Well that makes sense because all Swedish people are left handed."

To which she sincerely responded, "Really?".


CoryQ said...

How could that sales person NOT know all Swedes are left handed? I mean Minnesota is full of Swedes and Norwegians and everybody knows that sort of thing... Hell, next she'll be amazed that a former Viking is on the MN Supreme Court bench... geez.

Anonymous said...

This is your bff or bffttb. I actually did know that all Swedes are left handed. Thats why none of them live past 42 1/2. They're awkward lives are cut short in misshaps involving tools and home devises designed for right handers...aka God's chosen people.