Monday, October 16, 2006

"Ohmygod, you hear that?"

"Yeah, what the hell is it?"

"It's Kurt Cobain rolling over in his grave."


CoryQ said...

POSH! I think once The Scorpions and Metallica used an orchestra, people never really took them seriously again. So, full orchestras and rock don't mix.

This is a different story. Nirvana has just been co-opted into the mainstream. That is what you get for killing yourself in your rock-star prime: immortality and the inability to control how your legacy will be co-opted.

And besides, if this orchestra wanted to really be bad-ass, they would have to out perform that high school band that did all of'Entroducing' by DJ Shadow. Now that was innovative!

I like the new 'cyber-video' feature of yer blog!

CoryQ said...

It is a good performance on the whole, by the way.

Needs more moshing.

Smitty said...

A high school orchestra covering Nirvana is a sign of the apocalypse. It means we really all are going to die, and it might be sooner than we think.

CoryQ said...

Here I am now, entertain me!