Thursday, October 12, 2006

CoryQ is under duress! Please help!

For reasons beyond my comprehension, CoryQ has become jerkytourniquet's #1 cyber-fan (It is easy to be #1 when there are so few). Some cyber-glitch wouldn't allow him to view anything but the background this morning so I received this:

In related news, apparently I like to create phrases that start with "cyber" and are hyphenated with some other word. Cyber-fan, cyber-glitch, cyber-biscuit.

1 comment:

CoryQ said...

I was under duress because I couldn't get my fix of cyber-biscuits! How is a cyber-man supposed to start his cyber-day if he cyber-can't cyber-do his cyber-thing?!

I feel so inflated of ego! Two mentions on a blog, along with my 'fan art'! Woohoo!