Friday, August 25, 2006

What is this "waitlist" you speak of?

Since my return to academia, I've experienced fewer instances of workplace tomfoolery and inefficiency than when I was employed at large corporations. But I had a meeting the other day that had me feeling nostalgic for the good old days.

I've recently been assigned as the go-to member of the Processing staff for Admissions Event Registration. Whenever a recruit goes online or calls in to register for an on-campus event, I'm the lady maintaining that data.

Okay, now that we all understand each other, I attended my first Event Registration meeting this week. On the agenda? Waitlists.

An hour later, we'd decided to handle waitlists as follows:

Set a number of maximum registrants per event.
When the max is met, provide a waitlist option for the interested parties.
As registrants cancel, move members of the waitlist onto the registry in the order they were waitlisted.
Inform the lucky waitlisters that they are waitlisters no longer.

Funny, see, I thought that was the definition of a waitlist. I'm really glad we all had a sit down to figure that one out.

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CoryQ said...

One nice thing about working where there is a lot of access to the system, we sort of come in under the radar that way... or else they would have fired me a looooong time ago.