Monday, September 19, 2005

Louisiana Here I Come

If the Red Cross ever held volunteer fashion awards, I think I might just win. Starting from top, note the khaki rimmed hat, clip-on sunglasses and eyeglass strappy holder.

In hand, Level 18 DEET insect repellant and generic Nalgene-style water bottle.

Around the middle, the back support girdle to help with heavy lifting (and draw attention to the ample bosom).

Matching khaki pants that unzip at the knee to make shorts.

And the real winner, the paisley purple rubber boots, the only knee-high waterproof boots I could find on short notice.

Tomorrow I fly to Baton Rouge, LA to begin 3 weeks of volunteering for the Red Cross. I completed a crash course in disaster relief, mass care and shelter operations in one day last week so I could be ready to go this week.

Don't know what to expect when I get to Baton Rouge. I've been given an 800 number to call when I arrive and the Red Cross officials in Lousiana will direct me from there. I may be staying in a hotel or in a shelter. Which means I've packed just about everything you can imagine to account for every contingency.

"Mass Care" entails everything from registering people staying in shelter, preparing and serving meals, cleaning and anything else to keep a shelter running. More than likely, I will be loading food and other supplies into trucks and driving out into affected areas where Hurricane survivors have stayed or returned to their homes.

Will do my best to stay in touch, but don't know if I'll have internet access or cell phone reception where I'm going. Back October 11th.

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crazy j said...

Good luck and way to go and all that kind of stuff