Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Jury Duty: Day Two, Part Two

The next witness was Cop#2. Cop#2 and 3 arrived on the scene together in response to the neighbor's 911 call. The neighbor showed them to the door. Cop#2 stood closest to the door while Cop#3 stood behind and to the side as back up. Through the door, Cop #2 heard a man yelling about his stereo, something to the effect of "Why did you touch my stereo?". He then testified he heard a flesh on flesh slap through the door. They knocked on the door and the Defendant opened it. The victim was lying on the floor, going in and out of consciousness. The Defendant said "She bit me for no reason." Concerned for the safety of everyone involved, Cop#3 handcuffed the Defendant while Cop# 2 tended to the victim. Cop#2 was able to wake up the victim and she was eventually taken by ambulance to a hospital to check her injuries. At the hospital, Cop#2 took a statement from the victim and also took photos of her injuries. The statement and the photos were presented in court and entered as evidence. In her statement, the victim relayed the events of the evening. She and the defendant had gone out, both had drinks. Eventually returned to the apartment where he became enraged over something and had beaten her. Cop#2 testified that she had been drinking, but was coherent and not intoxicated.

Cop#2 eventually went back to the precinct where the Defendant was being held. They had not been able to book him yet because he wasn't cooperating. He was put into a holding cell until he was calm enough for booking. However, in the cell, the defendant became "out of control," screaming profanities and punching and kicking the walls. Because he may of hurt himself, the cops called paramedics to come and sedate him.

Cop#3 also testified as to what he heard outside the apartment. He couldn't make out what the man yelled, but did hear the slap. He handcuffed the defendant who began hurling insults at the cops including "Catholic faggot," "F*cking pig," and "bush lover." I could never quite determine if it was "Bush lover" with a capital B, as in Dubya Bush, or lower case b, as in female anatomy. Certainly faggot and lower case bush lover seem to be contradictory insults. This kinda of talk from the defendant continued until he was later sedated. When asked what happened, all the defendant would really say what that the victim bit him and that she had been drinking. The details of his side of the story were heard for the first time from him in court.

Cop #3 was the final witness for Day Two, we were dismissed for the day.

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